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Welcome to join our clothing clearance sale, simple rules, pick a size and we will pack clothes for you at $2 per piece, shipping included (10 pieces minimum order).

Most of them are online order returns from different ecommerce platforms, but are brand new in bags. Some of them maybe test fitted, but we will sort out used and dirty items as much as possible and have them sold separately.

Clothing's are mostly women’s, but might contain some men’s. These are great for flea market sellers, and clothing stores locally or online, probably not for individuals.

Your orders will contain clothes in mixed brands and styles, we can only offer sort by sizes at this moment.

Most of our inventories are still in return packages, we normally don't open them until we receive orders, therefore, we don't even know what are they until we open them. So please DO NOT message me and ask for more photos, styles, brands, etc. We are short on help and don't offer pick and pack at this time.

You'll can see some pictures attached from what we sold previously, to help you have an idea what you expected for.